UX/UI Designer

Luiz Flavio

”User Experience means that I can touch the lives of other people in a truly meaningful and practical way. I aim to provide something that is frictionless, useful to make people learn a little bit faster. Then, I’m helping to move all the stuff out of the way that stands in between them now and their goal in being successful.”

My name is Luiz Flavio, I’m a UX/UI designer based in Melbourne. Conceptual innovation and team collaboration are all essential components to success in a creative environment. As a highly accomplished professional with extensive experience designing and executing successful, visionary projects for high-profile brands, I am positioned to make a significant impact in the industry.

Combining my background in anthropology & visual communication alongside a well-shaped skill set, I have been creating from concept through completion products & services on multiple platforms.

My vision involves more than just effective execution techniques, but, also the ability to understand and communicate who I am designing for. The capacity to innovate & transform creatively, to share knowledge, to be inspired and learn from the people around me is what makes me get up every morning.

Drop a line and let’s talk about how I can assist you to activate movement with meaningful purposes.

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